MIS/Data Analytics

DASHBOARD & VBA / Macros Programming Objective 

Dashboard Reports Allow User to Get High-Level Overview of the Business and Help Them Make Quick Decisions. 

Dashboards are Often Called as Management Information System (MIS), Which Provides Information that Organizations Require to Manage Themselves Efficiently and Effectively. 

* To Define KPIs (Key performance Indicator), Customer Service Dashboards or Project Management Dashboard (Gantt Chart) 

* Dashboard Reports Based on Tables and Number or Charts/Graphs or Both. 

Introduction to Programming Introduction to logical thinking flowcharts & algorithms 

* Define Objective, Start & End Points; Identifying Solution & Breaking it Into Sequential Steps Writing a 

* Step-by-Step Instructions, Flowcharts, Process Flow Diagrams. Excel Macros – an Introduction 

Complete Review of the VBA Language (Subs, Functions, Variables, Arrays, Loops, Logic…etc.) 

* Excel Macro Language Review (VBA) Including Variables, Data Types, Constants, Arrays, Operators, Expressions, Loops, Logic Decisions And Calling 

* Overview Of Commanding Excel Using VBA Including A Discussion Of Objects, Properties And Methods 

* The Power of Macros – What, When, How to use Macros. Introduction to Object Oriented Programming 

* Objects, Its Functions, Methods and Properties Introduction to Events 

* Details of Events, How & When to use of Events, Preparing to ‘Macro’ Visual Basic Editor (VBE) – Developer Tab, Security 

* Introduction to the VBE, Properties window, Project Explorer, Password Protection of Code How to use the VBE – Features, Options, Intelligence Technology 

* Debugging Mode, Bookmarks, Breakpoints, Watch Window, Immediate Window and Locals Window Inbuilt VBE Help Feature – Tips and Tricks 

* Form Controls vs. ActiveX Controls Getting into the Code 

* Message Box and Input Box Working with Data in Excel through VBA 

* Data Types, Constants and Variables 

* Different type of data type; How and When to use Variables to Store Information. 

* For-Next, For-Each, Do-While, Do until, Do Loop Decision-Making and Code Branching 

* If-Then-Else, Select-Case, And/or Nested Conditions 

* What is user’s Defined Functions? How to create & use them. 

* Use of Arrays in VBA programming with one dimensional, two dimensional or multi-dimensional analysis 

Excel VBA Power Programming For VBA Macros 

* Working with Dynamic Ranges. Protecting Worksheets, Cells and Ranges. Working with Multiple Files. Opening & Saving Files 

* How to Analyze Data On Multi Worksheets And Build Summary Sheets 

* How to Access The Windows File And Folder System To Open And Close Workbooks 

* How to Protect Your Code Against Error 

* How to Use Excel And VBA To Create Basic Dash Boards 

* How to Create Your Own Custom Business Worksheet Functions In VBA 

* How to Create Basic Report Generation Tools Using Excel VBA, Microsoft Word And PowerPoint 

* How to Use The Excel Visual Basic Macro Recorder To Record Excel Tasks In VBA And Then Interpret The Code 

Overview of Using User forms To Create Business Wizards 

* Working with User Forms & User Forms Events like List box, Combo box, Option Buttons, Check box, Text box, Labels, Command button, Toggle button. 

* How to create dynamic dashboard on user form with different controls 

* How to link various user form with each other to create a complete interface between user and system 

Connection between Excel VBA & other platforms 

* How to Establish Connection Between VBA and Internet Explorer to Open any Internet Website through VBA 

* How to Establish Connection Between Excel VBA and power presentation to create power point through VBA 

* How to Establish Connection Between Excel VBA and Access database to update the data in access through VBA 

* How to Establish Connection Between Excel VBA and outlooks through VBA 

* How to Establish Connection Between Excel VBA and MS Word through VBA 

Testing and Debugging Your Code Effective Error Handling Automation Development Reports & Live Projects